A Playmaker is a new type of sales person. Playmakers wage war against traditional sales people and win. Playmakers don't use their gut and intuition they sell using science and testing. Playmakers ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Playmakers don't oversell and under deliver they oversell and over deliver and their middle name is value. Playmakers are doers not talkers. Playmakers are real people who have overcome real problems to achieve greatness.

you guess

you use your gut

you throw hail marys

you are assigned a territory

you do your best

you change your pay


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    Why You Need Data to Hit Your Sales Targets w/Edward Garry @Diolachan Consulting

    Your sales process doesn't have to be broken. Data can be used to drive the sales process forward and predict the result of the sales process. In this episode, Ed Garry talks about the importance of gathering the right data and making sure it is accurate. In addition, Ed hits on the pitfalls of sales management and data and why reps should be data-driven.

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    Building an Inside Sales Team from 0 to 300 in 30 Months w/Sid Kumar @CA Technologies

    Inside Sales is here to stay but not many people know how to build a killer team. Well, Sid Kumar from CA technologies does. Sid joined CA Technologies with the specific purpose of building a flourishing inside sales team and he did just that. Sid went from 0-300 reps in 30 months and in this episode, Sid talks about his secrets to success.

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    How to Use Data to Manage Your Business w/Debra Senra @Harris Insights and Analytics

    Not everybody has a sales operations team but every leader still needs to manage their business based on numbers. When sales leaders are left alone there are basic ways they can still run their team using numbers but it does take work and determination. In this episode, Debra Senra, VP of sals at Harris, talks about how she coaches companies to use data to mange their business - especially if sales leaders are going at it alone.

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    How Sales Reps Should Prioritize Their Time w/Caroline Robinson @Sandler

    There are a lot of things that can derail sales reps time. Time management is one of the most important things a sales rep can do. In large deals, the ability to figure out if a deal is good or not can mean a lot to the company's sales numbers. Caroline Robinson is the Director of Sandler Training in Cambridge and knows a thing or two about sales. In this episode, she talks about how reps get lost in the deal process through the three areas of client issues, sales team issues, and financial issues.

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    10 Secrets for Responding to Inbound Leads

    There are always debates. One that is starting to pick up more speed is whether or not sales reps should respond to inbound leads. I took the time to put down my top ten secrets to responding to inbound leads and it's a solid list.

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    How to Use Content to Sell w/Will Barron @The Salesman Podcast

    Should every sales person be a thought leaders? What role should content play in sales? Will Barron leads the Salesman podcast, the largest B2B sales podcast in the world and he's one who has mastered the idea of content. In this episode, Will discusses his rise to fame and how he thinks sales people should think about giving value to progress the sales process.

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    Creating A B2B Sales Playbook w/Daniel Baunds @Vendas B2B Academy

    What is a sales playbook and how should companies think about it? The answer may seem easy but it's not. In this episode, Daniel Baunds, CEO of Vendas B2B Academy, talks about his experiences with sales playbooks. He highlights the importance of making them custom centric and having them follow a methodology that can be scaled to fit your business.

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    Why Most Training Programs Don’t Stick w/Shari Levitin @Levitin Group

    You can't replace in the human in selling, it's just not possible. Authenticity goes a long way and it just can't be faked. In this episode, Shari Levitin, founder of the Levitin Group discusses the human interaction and how important it is in training and coaching.

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    How to Handle Change w/Katherine Andruha @Apttus

    Every organization changes but not every organization handles change the right way. Kat Andruha is the director of sales development at Apttus and she's experienced her share of change. In her own words, Kat takes us through lessons learned and ways she's found toe successfully manage changing in the organization you're in.

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    How Customers Really Buy w/Olivier L'Abbé @G2Crowd

    GlassDoor changed the way employees pick companies and online review shops are changing the way customers are buying. In the B2C space it's obvious. As consumers we go online to review and buy and now B2B is following suite. In addition, rather than gathering information from typical customer satisfaction surveys, companies are finding these review portals to be authentic accurate representation of what customers really think of them. In this episode, Olivier L'Abbé , VP of Sales at G2Crowd, talks about the power of reviews and how customer buying behavior has changed.

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