A Playmaker is a new type of sales person. Playmakers wage war against traditional sales people and win. Playmakers don't use their gut and intuition they sell using science and testing. Playmakers ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Playmakers don't oversell and under deliver they oversell and over deliver and their middle name is value. Playmakers are doers not talkers. Playmakers are real people who have overcome real problems to achieve greatness.

you guess

you use your gut

you throw hail marys

you are assigned a territory

you do your best

you change your pay


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    What Sales can Learn from Lean Manufacturing w/Dominique Levin @Winning By Design

    Sales can learn a lot from other industries and principles. It turns out that improving sales productivity is very much like a six sigma, lean manufacturing process. In Six Sigma there is a framework called DMAIC that is very applicable in sales as well. The D stands for Define - First define and normalize your sales process. The M stands for Measure - Then measure and benchmark each step of your sales process in multiple dimensions. The A stands for Analyze. Analyze - Then find the root-cause of any performance gaps by talking to people on the front line and by listening to their calls. The I stands for Improve - Implement improvements through technology, training, and coaching. Lastly, the C stands for Control - Control the change by monitoring the data and iterating over time. In this episode, Dominique Levin, Partner at Winning by Design talks about her experience and how sales and learn from lean manufacturing.

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    Cold-Calling is NOT Dead w/Jason McElhone @MarketSource

    Let me guess, you’ve heard cold-calling is dead, right? I’ll tell you right now, the people saying that are not the people who are actually cold calling. Cold-calling is alive and well and we can prove it. We looked at nearly 1 million phone calls and the ability for a sales rep to convert a call to a conversation is above 10%.

    Not bad. But how can you do it better?

    Look no further than Jason McElhone, Director of Inside Sales and cold-calling expert at MarketSource. Jason has spent the last 27 years cold-calling and his results are out-of-this-world.

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    How to 10x Your Sales Productivity by Mapping Your Account Contacts w/Dan Cook @Lucid

    Gone are the days of the simple sale. CRMs, like Salesforce, allow you to document and log key sales information in a world full of complex deal cycles. But you often lack the essential tools to see the big picture, build effective account plans, and operate strategically.

    To succeed in sales today, you need to understand hierarchical and political relationships, identify influencers, and decide whom to contact. You need to be able to quickly and effectively show this information in deal reviews and 1:1s. The fastest, easiest way to get an overview of your accounts is to work visually. Influence maps and account maps are visual references that can help you find the fastest path to sale and close your deals faster.

    In this podcast, Lucidchart’s SVP of Sales, Dan Cook, will show you how to successfully map your accounts and key contacts and how to use that map to strategize more effectively. With a clear view of your accounts, you’ll be prepared to accelerate the sales cycle and close bigger deals

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    Post Event Follow-Up Strategies w/Ralph Barsi @ServiceNow

    Everybody get's a cold-call but not everybody handles it like Ralph Barsi at ServiceNow. Ralph has made a lot of phone calls in his day and rather than giving sales people a hard time, he takes the time to provide coaching. Recently, Ralph received a cold call after an event he visited and the result was a positive conversation about sales reps can best follow up after an event.

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    How to Prospect to CEOs w/Matt Conway

    Sales reps are taught a lot of things but they are not often taught about how to approach senior level executives. Why? Most people don't know how. In this episode, Matt Conway, founder of talks about the skills needed to prospect to CEOs and why companies can't seem to figure it out.

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    How an AI System of Growth Solves the Biggest Challenge in Sales w/Dave Elkington

    There are a lot of challenges in sales but there is one that trumps them all. That challenge is building enough quality pipeline. The problem is leaders know it but they don't know how to solve it. They often think it's a people challenge so they hire more people but the numbers don't improve. This makes for an interesting dilema among leaders and one that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. In this episode, CEO and Founder of, Dave Elkington talks about the biggest challenge in sales and how an AI system of growth can play a role in solving it.

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    Why You Can’t Survive Without a Digital Sales Strategy w/Amy Appleyard @LogMeIn Jim Donovan @iHeartMedia Katie Azuma @Infor Alli Gentile @Pearson

    Times are changing and companies need to change with it. In the modern era of selling customers are buying different and sales reps are selling different. For companies to win they need to understand the latest selling trends and modernize their sales team to compete in an era of constant change and disruption. ​In this session Alli, Amy, Katie, and Jim discuss digital sales strategies and discuss how organizations win and lose with or without them.

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    Why You Need Data to Hit Your Sales Targets w/Edward Garry @Diolachan Consulting

    Your sales process doesn't have to be broken. Data can be used to drive the sales process forward and predict the result of the sales process. In this episode, Ed Garry talks about the importance of gathering the right data and making sure it is accurate. In addition, Ed hits on the pitfalls of sales management and data and why reps should be data-driven.

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    Building an Inside Sales Team from 0 to 300 in 30 Months w/Sid Kumar @CA Technologies

    Inside Sales is here to stay but not many people know how to build a killer team. Well, Sid Kumar from CA technologies does. Sid joined CA Technologies with the specific purpose of building a flourishing inside sales team and he did just that. Sid went from 0-300 reps in 30 months and in this episode, Sid talks about his secrets to success.

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    How to Use Data to Manage Your Business w/Debra Senra @Harris Insights and Analytics

    Not everybody has a sales operations team but every leader still needs to manage their business based on numbers. When sales leaders are left alone there are basic ways they can still run their team using numbers but it does take work and determination. In this episode, Debra Senra, VP of sals at Harris, talks about how she coaches companies to use data to mange their business - especially if sales leaders are going at it alone.

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