A Playmaker is a new type of sales person. Playmakers wage war against traditional sales people and win. Playmakers don't use their gut and intuition they sell using science and testing. Playmakers ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Playmakers don't oversell and under deliver they oversell and over deliver and their middle name is value. Playmakers are doers not talkers. Playmakers are real people who have overcome real problems to achieve greatness.

you guess

you use your gut

you throw hail marys

you are assigned a territory

you do your best

you change your pay


  1. Thumb 1529304842 artwork

    Flip My Funnel: Why Account Based Is Right For You w/Trish Bertuzzi @BridgeGroup & w/Kathy Macchi @Inverta

    Yeah I know, you've heard the term account-based but like the rest of us, you're still trying to figure it out what it is and how to be successful doing it. Don't worry, you're not alone but that doesn't mean you can give up. In this episode, two experts of account-based strategies lend their support and their tips to help marketing and sales professionals win using account-based principles.

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    Killer Campaigns to Double Response Rates w/Ryan O'Hara @LeadIQ

    Campaigns are tough and getting your top prospects to respond to your message is sometime a combination of luck and timing but there are principles that make some marketers shine above the rest. In this episode, Ryan O'Hara, VP of Marketing & Growth at LeadIQ talks about building killer campaigns and how he's seen success being creative in his campaigns.

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    Five Myths of Prospecting w/Gord Smith & Dan McDonald @RainGroup

    Everybody worries about prospecting and they should be they often believe things that cause them to fail. Prospecting will always be a combination of art and science but what is most important is what drives results. In this episode, Gord and Dan from the RainGroup talk about myths of prospecting and what you can do right now to start effectively building your pipeline.

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    Digital Selling vs Cold Calling w/Mario M. Martinez Jr @Vengreso

    Are you ready for this? The fight of the century! In the last month, there have been more than 100,000 video views and thousands of comments on LinkedIn debating how sales leaders can best build pipeline with different prospecting methods. Is the phone really dead? Has buyer behavior changed? Is LinkedIn the answer? Can email still be effective? All of these questions plague sales reps and leaders and are debated daily on sales floors across the globe. What is the answer and more importantly what will bring results to solve the biggest challenge in sales – building quality pipeline?

    Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth at has taken the stance that the phone is not dead and reps and companies should continue to use it as a tool in their prospecting arsenal. Mario Martinez Jr, CEO at Vengreso argued the phone has its place but using social tools such as LinkedIn must be included. Is one right and the other wrong? Are they both right or both wrong? The answer must be decided and the winner defined and the only way to do it is battle it out. One expert to another, face-to-face, mano-a-mano.

    In this virtual battle, sales leaders will learn:

    The seven methods that must be considered in every prospecting situation How leaders can maximize each prospecting method to win a digital sales cadence designed to build pipeline and close more deals

  5. Thumb 1527494167 artwork

    Using Advanced Analytics To Boost Revenue w/Maria Valdivieso @McKinsey & Company

    If you’re not using Analytics and AI in your sales tech stack today, you’re falling behind the times and behind your competition. Most high-performing companies are already using advanced analytics for lead scoring, forecasting, and amazing productivity increases. To truly harness the power of predictive analytics in sales, companies need to focus on the areas where they can create the most value, and implement it wisely. In this session, Maria Valdivieso from McKinsey & Company joins us to talk about her learnings and experience with advanced analytics.

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    Overcoming Cold Calling Objections w/Jason McElhone @MarketSource

    Cold calling? You probably don’t get very far into your call when you hear your first objection. At this point in the conversation, the prospect starts to blow you off for a variety of reasons: not enough time, not enough interest, not enough money, etc.

    Most people think you need a different answer for each objection, but that’s not true. All you need is a plan or strategy to overcome customer objections, and it’s actually very simple to create it.

    In this session, Jason McElhone, Director of Inside Sales at MarketSource and VP of Growth at InsideSales, Gabe Larsen, discuss the power of cold calling and the best methods for overcoming objections.

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    What Sales can Learn from Lean Manufacturing w/Dominique Levin @Winning By Design

    Sales can learn a lot from other industries and principles. It turns out that improving sales productivity is very much like a six sigma, lean manufacturing process. In Six Sigma there is a framework called DMAIC that is very applicable in sales as well. The D stands for Define - First define and normalize your sales process. The M stands for Measure - Then measure and benchmark each step of your sales process in multiple dimensions. The A stands for Analyze. Analyze - Then find the root-cause of any performance gaps by talking to people on the front line and by listening to their calls. The I stands for Improve - Implement improvements through technology, training, and coaching. Lastly, the C stands for Control - Control the change by monitoring the data and iterating over time. In this episode, Dominique Levin, Partner at Winning by Design talks about her experience and how sales and learn from lean manufacturing.

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    Cold-Calling is NOT Dead w/Jason McElhone @MarketSource

    Let me guess, you’ve heard cold-calling is dead, right? I’ll tell you right now, the people saying that are not the people who are actually cold calling. Cold-calling is alive and well and we can prove it. We looked at nearly 1 million phone calls and the ability for a sales rep to convert a call to a conversation is above 10%.

    Not bad. But how can you do it better?

    Look no further than Jason McElhone, Director of Inside Sales and cold-calling expert at MarketSource. Jason has spent the last 27 years cold-calling and his results are out-of-this-world.

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    How to 10x Your Sales Productivity by Mapping Your Account Contacts w/Dan Cook @Lucid

    Gone are the days of the simple sale. CRMs, like Salesforce, allow you to document and log key sales information in a world full of complex deal cycles. But you often lack the essential tools to see the big picture, build effective account plans, and operate strategically.

    To succeed in sales today, you need to understand hierarchical and political relationships, identify influencers, and decide whom to contact. You need to be able to quickly and effectively show this information in deal reviews and 1:1s. The fastest, easiest way to get an overview of your accounts is to work visually. Influence maps and account maps are visual references that can help you find the fastest path to sale and close your deals faster.

    In this podcast, Lucidchart’s SVP of Sales, Dan Cook, will show you how to successfully map your accounts and key contacts and how to use that map to strategize more effectively. With a clear view of your accounts, you’ll be prepared to accelerate the sales cycle and close bigger deals

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    Post Event Follow-Up Strategies w/Ralph Barsi @ServiceNow

    Everybody get's a cold-call but not everybody handles it like Ralph Barsi at ServiceNow. Ralph has made a lot of phone calls in his day and rather than giving sales people a hard time, he takes the time to provide coaching. Recently, Ralph received a cold call after an event he visited and the result was a positive conversation about sales reps can best follow up after an event.

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    How to Prospect to CEOs w/Matt Conway

    Sales reps are taught a lot of things but they are not often taught about how to approach senior level executives. Why? Most people don't know how. In this episode, Matt Conway, founder of talks about the skills needed to prospect to CEOs and why companies can't seem to figure it out.

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    How an AI System of Growth Solves the Biggest Challenge in Sales w/Dave Elkington

    There are a lot of challenges in sales but there is one that trumps them all. That challenge is building enough quality pipeline. The problem is leaders know it but they don't know how to solve it. They often think it's a people challenge so they hire more people but the numbers don't improve. This makes for an interesting dilema among leaders and one that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. In this episode, CEO and Founder of, Dave Elkington talks about the biggest challenge in sales and how an AI system of growth can play a role in solving it.

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    Why You Can’t Survive Without a Digital Sales Strategy w/Amy Appleyard @LogMeIn Jim Donovan @iHeartMedia Katie Azuma @Infor Alli Gentile @Pearson

    Times are changing and companies need to change with it. In the modern era of selling customers are buying different and sales reps are selling different. For companies to win they need to understand the latest selling trends and modernize their sales team to compete in an era of constant change and disruption. ​In this session Alli, Amy, Katie, and Jim discuss digital sales strategies and discuss how organizations win and lose with or without them.

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    Why You Need Data to Hit Your Sales Targets w/Edward Garry @Diolachan Consulting

    Your sales process doesn't have to be broken. Data can be used to drive the sales process forward and predict the result of the sales process. In this episode, Ed Garry talks about the importance of gathering the right data and making sure it is accurate. In addition, Ed hits on the pitfalls of sales management and data and why reps should be data-driven.

  15. Thumb 1523257554 artwork

    Building an Inside Sales Team from 0 to 300 in 30 Months w/Sid Kumar @CA Technologies

    Inside Sales is here to stay but not many people know how to build a killer team. Well, Sid Kumar from CA technologies does. Sid joined CA Technologies with the specific purpose of building a flourishing inside sales team and he did just that. Sid went from 0-300 reps in 30 months and in this episode, Sid talks about his secrets to success.

  16. Thumb 1522914574 artwork

    How to Use Data to Manage Your Business w/Debra Senra @Harris Insights and Analytics

    Not everybody has a sales operations team but every leader still needs to manage their business based on numbers. When sales leaders are left alone there are basic ways they can still run their team using numbers but it does take work and determination. In this episode, Debra Senra, VP of sals at Harris, talks about how she coaches companies to use data to mange their business - especially if sales leaders are going at it alone.

  17. Thumb 1522643415 artwork

    How Sales Reps Should Prioritize Their Time w/Caroline Robinson @Sandler

    There are a lot of things that can derail sales reps time. Time management is one of the most important things a sales rep can do. In large deals, the ability to figure out if a deal is good or not can mean a lot to the company's sales numbers. Caroline Robinson is the Director of Sandler Training in Cambridge and knows a thing or two about sales. In this episode, she talks about how reps get lost in the deal process through the three areas of client issues, sales team issues, and financial issues.

  18. Thumb 1522306409 artwork

    10 Secrets for Responding to Inbound Leads

    There are always debates. One that is starting to pick up more speed is whether or not sales reps should respond to inbound leads. I took the time to put down my top ten secrets to responding to inbound leads and it's a solid list.

  19. Thumb 1521704780 artwork

    How to Use Content to Sell w/Will Barron @The Salesman Podcast

    Should every sales person be a thought leaders? What role should content play in sales? Will Barron leads the Salesman podcast, the largest B2B sales podcast in the world and he's one who has mastered the idea of content. In this episode, Will discusses his rise to fame and how he thinks sales people should think about giving value to progress the sales process.

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    Creating A B2B Sales Playbook w/Daniel Baunds @Vendas B2B Academy

    What is a sales playbook and how should companies think about it? The answer may seem easy but it's not. In this episode, Daniel Baunds, CEO of Vendas B2B Academy, talks about his experiences with sales playbooks. He highlights the importance of making them custom centric and having them follow a methodology that can be scaled to fit your business.

  21. Thumb 1520879538 artwork

    Why Most Training Programs Don’t Stick w/Shari Levitin @Levitin Group

    You can't replace in the human in selling, it's just not possible. Authenticity goes a long way and it just can't be faked. In this episode, Shari Levitin, founder of the Levitin Group discusses the human interaction and how important it is in training and coaching.

  22. Thumb 1520492668 artwork

    How to Handle Change w/Katherine Andruha @Apttus

    Every organization changes but not every organization handles change the right way. Kat Andruha is the director of sales development at Apttus and she's experienced her share of change. In her own words, Kat takes us through lessons learned and ways she's found toe successfully manage changing in the organization you're in.

  23. Thumb 1520238629 artwork

    How Customers Really Buy w/Olivier L'Abbé @G2Crowd

    GlassDoor changed the way employees pick companies and online review shops are changing the way customers are buying. In the B2C space it's obvious. As consumers we go online to review and buy and now B2B is following suite. In addition, rather than gathering information from typical customer satisfaction surveys, companies are finding these review portals to be authentic accurate representation of what customers really think of them. In this episode, Olivier L'Abbé , VP of Sales at G2Crowd, talks about the power of reviews and how customer buying behavior has changed.

  24. Thumb 1519892843 artwork

    Why Data Quality Matters in Sales w/Noah Spirakus @Prospectify

    Garbage in and garbage out. That's true every where and it is especially true in sales. Even if you're the best sales rep, if you don't have good data, you're toast. In this episode, Noah Spirakus, CEO at Prospectify talks about data, the importance of getting clean data, and how companies are winning with strong data strategies.

  25. Thumb 1519621196 artwork

    Why Sales Reps Only Spend 35% of Time Selling w/Gabe Larsen

    We recently did a research study and asked 721 sales people how they spend their time. The results were really surprising. They spend 35.2% of their time selling and 65% on everything else, but not selling. The next question is why and what can companies do to change this. In this episode, we dive into the research and talk about the problem and the solution.

  26. Thumb 1519305727 artwork

    Increase Sales by Targeting the Right Accounts w/Matt Amundson @EverString

    We all want to get more sales but that is hard to do if you're not targeting the right accounts, in the right way, and the right time. Matt Amundson, VP of marketing and sales development at EverString knows a few things about account targeting and on this episode Matt dives into the need to find your optimal customer profile and explains the importance of prioritizing your best accounts as part of your sales strategy.

  27. Thumb 1519114994 artwork

    Why You Need Structure, Technology, and People to Win w/Jake Reni @Adobe

    Life is short so why not learn from the experts. Jake Reni, is a master when it comes to helping companies, including Adobe, think through a strategic go-to-market approach for building an optimizing sales and sales development teams. In this episode, Jake and I debate and discuss some of the trends and debates around what is need to get to a winning state for your sales teams.

  28. Thumb 1518702112 artwork

    The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence: How Companies Can Build 3x Pipeline in Under 30 Days

    We all talk about sales cadence but that doesn't mean we know what it is. We've talked about sales cadence on this show before but this is different. We recently completed additional research on sales cadence where we analyzed 1.5 million activities across nearly 500,000 different cadences - all focused on outbound selling. In this episode we dive into the research and discuss what companies need to be thinking about to be successful in building pipeline and winning with their sales cadences.

  29. Thumb 1518420420 artwork

    What is Leadership & How to Become a Great Leader w/Dionne Mischler @Inside Sales by Design

    We can talk about leadership all we want but it's not easy. Great leaders are born and developed. If you think you can't be a great leader, you're lying to yourself, anybody can be a great leader but it takes work like everything else. In this episode, Dionne Mischler, tells us some of the secrets to being a great leader and provides some real advice on how leaders are developed.

  30. Thumb 1518075377 artwork

    Building a Global Sales Operations Team w/Gideon Fourie @First Data

    Building a global sales organization is no easy task but Gideon Fourie, VP of strategy and sales operations at First Data, knows how to do it. Gideon oversees operations in 34 countries with an extremely complex sales motion. In this episode, Gideon explains some of the challenges of managing a global sales operations function and explains his recipe for succeeding despite the complexities that are involved.

  31. Thumb 1517821286 artwork

    The Power of Coaching w/Shimon Lazarov @LiveCoach

    Most people don't know the difference between training and coaching and even if they do, they don't know how to coach. In this episode, Shimon Lazarov, CEO of LiveCoach, talks about the importance of coaching, how people should coach, and why you might want a coach

  32. Thumb 1517474378 artwork

    Is CRM Dead? How Sales Reps Can Get The Most Out of CRM

    Let's face it, CRM sucks to use, especially if you're a sales rep. But, we use it because we have to. I promise that statements like that won't last though. Something has to happen to make CRM valuable and I'm not talking about SMART CRM as that is more of the same. We need to not just give to CRM we need to get from CRM. The next evolution of CRM is a system of growth and it combines CRM with AI and sales technologies to help sales teams sell more.

  33. Thumb 1517208753 artwork

    Top Trends for 2018 w/Gaetano DiNardi @SalesHacker

    Top trends are something that anybody can put out there but they are not always right or interesting but that's not the case with Gaetano, VP of marketing at SalesHacker. Gaetano wrote a guest post on the blog and he killed it. He outlined some of the top trends for 2018 and if you haven't seen it, you need to as it will help you prepare for 2018.

  34. Thumb 1516870341 artwork

    AI For Sales–Forget The Hype w/Dave Boyce

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword du jour. It seems everyone has “AI” software or services that promise to help your wildest dreams come true. But you run a sales team. And you have to deliver solid sales results this quarter and next and next. You don’t have time for marketing hype or sales software solutions that over promise and under deliver.

    When implemented correctly, Artificial Intelligence can help businesses increase revenue up to 30 percent and take your business to the next level.

    Here’s a simple way to think about how to build AI into your sales growth strategy simply and easily, without risk.

  35. Thumb 1516606249 artwork

    Why Sales isn't Taught in School and How it Can Be w/Joel Le Bon @University of Houston

    Sales is changing for some odd reason the education of sales people is staying the same...well mostly. There is one pocket of people doing things different and that is happening at the University of Houston. For years now, Joel Le Bon, has been leading a sales program, ranked top in the country, to help students succeed in sales-and it's working. In this episode, Joel talks about the program he's created and the success it's been having.

  36. Thumb 1516260439 artwork

    How to Build Your Story w/J.J. Peterson @StoryBrand

    If you don't know how to communicate your story then nobody on your team does. Your elevator pitch and the importance of having everybody at your company understand and know it by heart, is crucial for success. J.J Peterson is the Chief of Staff at StoryBrand, a company that focuses on clarifying companies' messages so customers engage.

  37. Thumb 1515661579 artwork
  38. Thumb 1515400401 artwork

    How CoreDial Accelerate Sales w/Jim Debald @CoreDial

    It's fun to talk and hear from thought leaders but it's also fun to see how people really do it. Jim Debald is one of those guys who really does it. He's transformed the sales team at CoreDial by focusing on people, systems, and process. Jim's focus on numbers and persistence in testing helped create an amazing culture and results during his tenure at CoreDial.

  39. Thumb 1515047140 artwork

    TheSDRChronicles w/Morgan Ingram @JBarrows Sales Training

    This guy is the real deal and if you haven't seen him you'll need to check it out. Morgan Ingram runs the popular #TheSDRChronicles a Youtube shows that highlights the life of an sales development rep. Morgan has been an SDR and managers SDR teams so when he speakers he knows it from experience. In this episode, Morgan and I debate some tough topics around SDRs like will SDRs survive the AI movement? Where should SDRs report into, and what makes SDR successful. . . .

  40. Thumb 1513840496 artwork

    Prospecting like the Pros w/Carrie Simpson @Managed Sales Pros

    Carrie runs a multi-million dollar business by outsourcing prospecting work for companies. When it comes to prospecting strategies Carries knows all the tricks of the trades and when you talk to her you get it straight - no B.S. In this episode, Carrie talks about sales development trends, puts to rest the cold calling debate, and enlightens us with best practices for sales development leaders.

  41. Thumb 1513582490 artwork

    Preparing a Sales Team for the New Year w/Annie Matthews @TechTarget

    The end of the year is a time of reflection both personally and professionally. Most companies work with their sales reps to nail this time period and make a strong plan to achieve quota going into the next year, while other companies fail. In this episode, Annie Matthews VP of Sales at TechTarget, talks about her strategies for the end of the year and the lessons she's learned over her sales career.

  42. Thumb 1513237244 artwork

    Why Your Reps Are Not Hitting Quota and How They Can w/Ron Hollis

    53% of sales reps don’t hit quota and most sales leaders don’t know what to do about that. At the end of the year there is a conversation between a manager and a rep and that conversation is summed up usually as “do better.” That doesn’t work and sales leaders know it but what can they do differently? Some leaders turn to their CRM and try to determine why some reps achieve quota while others don’t but the exercise typically brings minimal benefits. To solve this challenge, sales leaders need REAL visibility into what their reps are doing and not doing to build pipeline and close deals and that’s where we come in. has recently created an assessment called the Sales Effectiveness Quadrant™ (SEQ). The SEQ is a prescriptive assessment that turns your bottom performers into top performers by analyzing and segmenting your sellers on characteristics that lead to pipeline creation and more closed deals.

  43. Thumb 1512981204 artwork

    The State of Sales Development: How 1000+ Companies Build an Execute Successful Sales Development Teams

    Sales development is a tough role but it's an important role and one of the most innovative roles to emerge from sales in the last decade. The problem is, the research has been weak and so has the best practices. That ends today. in partnership with a half-dozen companies have produced the largest study ever on sales development. The study focuses on Structure, Systems, People, and Pipeline.

  44. Thumb 1512632432 artwork

    Should You or Should You Not Respond to Inbound Leads

    Inbound leads are what they are. The question is, what should you do with them? In a rebuttal to an article questioning if companies should respond to inbound leads, yours truly, lays out a handful of reasons you might want to think about responding quickly to inbound leads at your company.

  45. Thumb 1512325992 artwork

    Sales Onboarding Strategies that Work w/Ryan Reisert @SalesBootcamp

    What good is hiring great people if you don't train them? Sales onboarding is still broken and many companies think they can solve the problem simply by having one rep shadow another. That's not going to work and it doesn't work. In this episode, Ryan Reisert, Lead Instructor at Sales Bootcamp, talks about what he's learned about onboarding sales reps and shares his secrets to success.

  46. Thumb 1512028828 artwork

    How to Optimize the B2B Customer Experience w/Chad Sanderson @Value Prime Solutions

    You can't forget the customer. The customer experience should trump everything but for some reason it doesn't and it is often the reason that companies fail. Companies get focused on themselves and why and how they are winning and they lose sight of their customers. B2C has an advantage sometimes because they can map the user experience and see the data but that's not a good enough excuse for B2B leaders. In this episode, Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner at Value Prime Solutions talks about the importance of the customer experience and why companies need to focus on it to win.

  47. Thumb 1511719170 artwork

    How to Hire the Right VP of Sales at the Right Time w/Doug Landis @Emergence Capital

    It's never easy to find the right leader. What complicates it even more is where companies are at in their revenue journey. Different types of leaders excel at different times. Sometimes you need tactical leaders other times you need leaders who can close big deals or operationally get things in order. In this episode, Doug Landis, Growth Partner at Emergence Capital shares his secrets of hiring and discusses how start-ups must find the right leader at the right time in order to succeed.

  48. Thumb 1511160140 artwork

    What is AI and How Can You Start Using it to be Successful

    AI is the thing but knows a thing or two about it. What do I mean by that, well we've been doing AI for the past ten years and we have the world's largest database of sales interactions with over 110 billion. That's a lot of data. So, yes we know a thing or two about data but most people don't. In this episode, we talk AI, what the definition is and three ways you can start thinking about using it to be successful in your business.

  49. Thumb 1510814953 artwork

    You Need to Have a Better Elevator Pitch

    We go to trade shows and we are constantly asked, "what do you do?" Sadly, the answer to that questions turns out to be a 5-35 min rant by most people instead of a clear and concise one-liner. An elevator pitch needs to be short, clear, and direct to the point. In this episode, we talk about why one-liners are important and how you can begin crafting your own.

  50. Thumb 1510548169 artwork

    Inbound to ABM w/Fes Askari @Strategic IC

    Great companies realize that to be successful, generating inbound inquires is key. Great companies also realize that to get big fish, they need to have a targeted outbound or account-based strategy. In this episode, Fes Askari talks about his work as a strategic consultant helping organizations set up and optimize full funnel strategic sales.

  51. Thumb 1510009359 artwork

    The AI Sales Revolution: How to Become a #Playmaker @Dreamforce 2017

    We've been talking about being a #Playmaker for a few months now and a lot of people have asked me, "What is a Playmaker?" With Dreamforce here we decided to formally launch Playmakers and let you in on how we came up with the idea of playmakers and some of the fun things we hope to do with the idea over the coming weeks and months.

  52. Thumb 1509950848 artwork

    AI-Powered Sales w/Dave Boyce

    AI is having an impact on sales productivity and it's here to stay but few people know what AI is or how it works. In this episode, Dave Boyce, Chief Strategy Officer at discusses what leaders need to know about AI and how they can get started without going in the wrong direction.

  53. Thumb 1509456131 artwork

    Our Direct Mail Campaign That Completely #FAILED

    I'm a big believer in using direct mail in prospecting strategies but it doesn't mean I always get it right. Partnering with Joey Wood from we ran a test with one of our direct mail campaigns and it completely failed. We called it the Magic Eight Ball Play

  54. Thumb 1509347711 artwork

    The State of Direct Mail (Research)

    I know, I know, we've talked a lot about direct mail but this is different. Rather than hearing some expert, we did some research and asked 325 B2B associates what they think of the topic. Rather than focus on one specific thing, we decided to understand the opinions of those that may send or receive direct mail. Interesting results, check them out!

  55. Thumb 1509003118 artwork

    The Power of Direct Mailers w/John Coe

    Direct mailers are a hot commodity nobody knows more about them than John Coe, founder of B2B In this episode John talks about his experience with direct mailers and principles he's learned and taught others to be successful.

  56. Thumb 1508735513 artwork

    How to Build an Outbound Prospecting Machine w/Aaron Ross @Predictable Revenue

    If you want big fish you have to go outbound, end of story. The question is how do you build that. Some people start with an outsourced model but eventually companies typically bring that back in house. Every company is different but there are tried and true principles to creating and building an outbound machine. In this episode, Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue discusses his experiences creating prospecting machines for companies and his lessons learned.

  57. Thumb 1508393156 artwork

    What the Hell is Going on With Sales Development? w/John Barrows @JBarrows Sales Training

    Sales Development isn't going anywhere but what should you do them? Many sales development reps are just a fancy marketing automation system using templates and pressing buttons so do we really need them? Marketo works fine and in many cases it's better a sales development rep. In this episode, John Barrows, founder of JBarrows Training discusses the role of sales development and how sales development reps need to start acting in order to be successful. In addition, John hits on AI and the relationship of sales and marketing.

  58. Thumb 1508129803 artwork

    The Power of Trigger Events w/Kyle Morris @SifData

    Trouble comes in many formats and as good as LinkedIn in it still doesn't quite hit the spot when it comes to trigger events. Kyle Morris, founder of SifData talks about the importance of staying on top of key events and receiving real-time notifications about your buyers.

  59. Thumb 1507792835 artwork

    The Power of High Impact Mailers w/Valerie Sklar @Corporate Specialties

    Some things are popular and then they fade out and come back again. High impact mailers are back. For some they are back in style and for others they are new. High impact mailers are physical items mailed to a prospect or customer to initiate a conversation or build a relationship. There are different types of mailers and different use cases. Valerie Sklar, president at Corporate Specialties, is an expert in mailers and has been in the business of working with companies on such initiatives for years. In this episode, Valerie expounds on what mailers are and how companies should start thinking about them.

  60. Thumb 1507531751 artwork

    State of Sales: Why Enterprise Companies are Losing and How They Can Win

    The message isn't all bad. Enterprise companies are behind the times and some of that is our fault and some of that is their fault. The good thing is they know it and they are actively doing "stuff" to change it. Labs did a study with nearly 1200 companies and it revealed how companies are winning using structure, systems, and people.

  61. Thumb 1507181649 artwork

    Inbound Sales Has Been Completely Disrupted w/David Cancel @Drift

    Content used to work but it doesn't because everybody creates content. Every sales rep used to send plane text emails and it worked but it doesn't work anymore. Everybody used to require a form to get leads but nobody wants to fill out a form anymore. Things seem to be changing but companies are not changing with it. In this episode, David Cancel, CEO of Drift, talks about the old trends and discusses about how they are broken and if companies want to win they'll have to move to channels that are working for content and they will have to provide the ability for real time-conversations via chat bots on websites.

  62. Thumb 1506919822 artwork

    The Evolution of B2B Selling w/Victor Antonio @Sellinger Group

    The buyer has changed. It doesn't matter what stat you believe, the fact is customers are more educated and are further down the buying journey before they talk with a sales rep. This isn't a problem, it's an opportunity. Sales is still about segmenting the market, how you target you ideal buyers, and how do you go after them. In this episode, Victor Antonio founder of Sellinger Group, talks about how great B2B sellers move to education and consulting and recognize buyers need more support than they ever had before.

  63. Thumb 1506577461 artwork

    The State of Sales: Why Europe is Beating the US w/Denise Bryant @AssocProfSales, in partnership with the AA-ISP, Top Sales World, and APS did a research report on the State of Sales. The report covered three areas of structure, people, and systems. In this episode, Denise Bryant, Managing Director at APS joins the Playmaker podcast to discuss the state of sales and provides insights and analysis as to why the US and Europe differ on many key attributes in regards to sales.

  64. Thumb 1506314947 artwork

    How Reviews Can Change the Sales Game w/Derek Levine @Trust Radius

    Customer reviews are common place in B2C but they have made their way to B2B and whether you like it or not you need to get in the review game. In this episode, Derek Levine from Trust Radius takes us through the importance of reviews and discusses on sales people can use them to make more money.

  65. Thumb 1505984061 artwork
  66. Thumb 1505709104 artwork

    LinkedIn Video and Other Social Trends w/Teddy Burriss @Buriss Consulting

    LinkedIn is always changing and so should you. Video is now on LinkedIn and it's available and ready to use. To some it's annoying and to others it's even more annoying. But, is there a way that you can effectively use it. Should you even use it? In this episode, Teddy Buriss, an expert in social media consulting, especially LinkedIn breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly of LinkedIn video and other social media trends.

  67. Thumb 1505373509 artwork

    The Secret to Data and List Services w/Jake Shaffren @DiscoverOrg

    In the old days we'd just buy a list, call top to bottom and call it good. That doesn't work anymore and you know it. Jake Shaffren is the Director of Sales Development at DiscoverOrg, and he's a master about thinking through how reps can find, identify, and quality their leads and target contacts. It's all about the leads. If reps are spending a lot of time trying to figure out who to pursue, they'll lose. Companies need human verified data to know that their target audience has the right information to contact and qualify them.

  68. Thumb 1505022661 artwork

    How to Close BIG Deals w/Jason Krieger @C2FO

    We all want big deals right? Big deal have better margins, they stick around longer, and they become better partners. With all the good there is some bad. Big deals are hard to win and they often take a lot longer than smaller deals. There is no secret to win big deals but there are best practices - often learned from the school of hard knocks. Introduce Jason Krieger - an expert when it comes to chasing and winning big deals.In this episode, Jason talks about his sales career and how he's learned to be a Playmker winning big deals when others couldn't.

  69. Thumb 1504767106 artwork

    The Power of Video Outreach in Sales w/Sati Hillyer @OneMob

    Video, video, video. It's the talk of the town and if you're not using it, you probably should. KPCB says by 2017, online video will account for 74% of all online traffic. That's a lot. No matter how you try and explain it, video is here to stay. The question is, how do you best utilize it? Sati Hillyer, is the founder and CEO of OneMob, a leading video engagement platform. Sati jumped on the Playmaker podcast to discuss video in general, the top trends around videos, and how sales people are using it to crush their quotas.

  70. Thumb 1504494255 artwork

    How Content Curation Will Make You Win in Sales w/Stephen Walsh @Anders Pink

    Sharing content with your network is a big part of the social selling process. Sharing content can help build your brand, create trust, provide value, and help create a following. But, what content is the right content? Should you be creating your own or curating others content? The answer is both. Sales today is about creating value and if you want to do that, you have to learn to create and curate. You have good ideas in your respective profession and you need an outlet for those thoughts and experience. On the other side, you need to realize you and your company don't have all the good ideas. To stay relevant you need to curate content from a wide range of sources. Mastering these two concepts puts you in the drivers seat of social selling and puts you on the track to success. 

  71. Thumb 1504245953 artwork

    Sales Development Top Trends w/David Dulany @Tenbound

    Sales Development is here to stay but it's always changing. David Dulany is the founder and CEO of Tenbound, a company focused on bringing together the sales development community. David discusses trends and problems facing the sales development space and what managers and leaders need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

  72. Thumb 1503800924 artwork

    How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed w/Daniel McGinn @Harvard Business Review

    Dan McGinn is the author of  Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed. The book focuses on the topic of science and mental preparation. Stress can effect everybody and people in sales are certainly not immune. Unlike athletes, sales leaders often do little mental preparation before big meetings or events but there is a lot of research suggesting that people who engage in certain behaviors before stressful activities or high-stakes performances perform better. The book highlights such activities as listening to motivational songs, having a routine, or performing a certain set of actions as great ways to get psyched up.

  73. Thumb 1503554640 artwork

    How Chat is Disrupting the Sales Process w/Jonny Everett @The Chat Shop

    People always find different ways to communicate to get what they want. Using the phone might be preferred for some while others prefer email and others texting messaging. Chat has become a mainstream method used between companies and their prospects and clients. Although chat has not found it's way into the mainstream sales process, it has become an often used and often preferred method for prospects to communicate with companies. Chat allows prospects to not have to pick up the phone and have a long drawn out conversation but it allows the instant gratification of potentially getting answers quick. As Chat continues to become more and more utilized as part of the sales process, we sat down with Johnny Everett, founder of The Chat Shop to talk about how companies are using chat and how chat will continue to disrupt the sales process in the coming years.

  74. Thumb 1503437689 artwork

    How Much Did Sales Teams Lose by Looking at the Sun?

    The solar eclipse happened and it was a good thing. A lot of people across the globe gathered and enjoyed the celestial event. I for one was dragged to Idaho to watch the actual event close to the area of totality, where apparently you could get the best view possible. It was fun and the family and I enjoyed the whole experience. Now, leading up to the event there were a handful of publications who tried to estimate how much productivity would be lost due to the event. Being data-driven junkies like we are, we decided to look at our Neuralytics data set and see how what happened to sales teams during the solar eclipse. ***WARNING We report this data in fun, we enjoyed the eclipse as much as anybody else.

  75. Thumb 1503243429 artwork

    The Importance of Stories in Sales w/James O'Gara @StoryDimensions

    Many sales people find themselves on an island. They run their business with little support and little interference from the corporate office. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that sales reps are empowered to do what they need for their territories but the bad thing is, they often overlook critical elements that would make their lives a lot easier. One of those things is the power of story telling, especially from the eyes of customers. Stories help prospects see how transformational products and services can help change their lives and when these stories are told from real people who experience real results, the impact can be lasting. Sadly, most organizations don't see this and most sales reps can't do it on their own. Great customer stories therefore never get shared and never are fully utilized. In this episode, James O'Gara, CEO and Founder of On Message and StoryDimensions, talks about the importance of stories and how organizations should start thinking about building and sharing important customer stories.

  76. Thumb 1502991022 artwork

    How Sales Reps Should Start Using Texts in Their Sales Process w/Mike Vandenbos @Zipwhip

    Texting is here to stay. Busy decision makers are using texting to respond to people in and out of the work place and sales reps are starting to see the benefits of getting mobile numbers. How will this continue to play out? In this episode, Mike Vandenbos, Entrepreneur in Residence at Zipwhip, talks about the state of sales and discusses where texting is being best utilized. In addition, Mike points out some of the rules and regulations regarding texting and advises on how people should start thinking about brining texting into their day-to-day sales activities.

  77. Thumb 1502891427 artwork

    How 8,742 Companies Execute Their Sales Cadence

    Every sales representative executes a ‘cadence’ when they reach out via email, phone, or using social media to initiate a conversation with a potential prospect. The art of a cadence is determined based on a myriad of factors, fueled primarily by sales reps’ intuition regarding the company and contact being pursued. Because of the subjective nature of this exercise many cadences go south and lead disastrous results. Because of this InsideSales Labs decided to study the art of sales cadences and determine what companies are actually doing. Labs studied more than 14K cadences across nearly 9K companies.

  78. Thumb 1502667847 artwork

    How to Get More 'At Bats' in Sales w/Tibor Shanto @Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

    In baseball you can't have a good batting average unless you have at bats. At bats are opportunities to succeed in baseball but without them you're not even in the game. Sales is similar to baseball in this regard. Many sales people are talented but they never get the chance or the 'at bats' to prove it. If sales people can get enough at bats they find themselves improving their overall game to where they can become Allstars. The question is, how can sales people get more at bats in sales? Tibor Shanto, is an expert in sales and is a proclaimed CDO or chief door opener. He specializes in helping sales reps get more opportunities. In this episode, Tibor teaches us some of the tried and true principles of getting more at bats.

  79. Thumb 1502351600 artwork

    If You're Looking to Sell Me Something, Please Spare My Inbox. Call Me Instead

    Steven Broudy, a senior sales leader posted on LinkedIn telling sales reps to step up and use the phone instead of spamming him with what we all know are automated emails. I didn't say it, he did. Mr. Broudy caused quite a stir with his post, but is it true? Should sales reps really use that ugly thing we call the phone?

  80. Thumb 1502085038 artwork

    The Who, The What, and the Why of Social Selling w/Larry Levine @Social Sales Academy

    Are you getting tired of social selling? We've decided to speak our mind about the truth of social selling and ask industry experts to explain the who, the what, and the why of social selling. In this episode, we debate the fundamentals of social selling with Larry Levine, founder of Social Sales Academy and put Larry on the spot with tough questions such as, "Why is there so much data lacking about social selling results?", "What should reps do to be successful when social selling?" and "What does social selling even mean?"

  81. Thumb 1501746401 artwork

    How Many Deals Are You Missing Out On Right Now w/Neil Passero @Big Willow

    We live in a world of inside out marketing. We're guessing at who we are talking to. We are guessing at what we should say to them. We need to rethink how we are engaging with the marketplace. Chief Customer Officer at Big Willow, Neil Passero poses the question, how many deals are you missing out on? Many of your buyers will not be in your CRM, they are not responding to your marketing program but they are out on the web searching for you, searching for services, or searching for competitors. This is the power of data and particularly intent and behavioral data and if you can use this data effectively you can grow your sales pipeline significantly.

  82. Thumb 1501470454 artwork

    The Three Value Conversations That Can Change Everything w/Tim Riesterer @CorporateVisions

    The science of decision making is complex but important. Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer at Corporate Visions, is the master of explaining the hidden forces that shape why and how choices are made. Many sales reps chase after traditional sales approaches only to see them fail time and time again. Reps need something new. They need to start using data and science. They need to realize they can take their power back by understanding the science of why people do what they do and changing their behavior accordingly.

  83. Thumb 1501139491 artwork

    The Digital Sales Revolution: Are You In Or Out? w/Mario Martinez Jr. @Vengreso

    No one can argue the world in which we live is a digital world. But, what does that mean for sales? Many people have interpreted digital sales to mean social selling and have argued social selling is and will be the only way to sell. Mario Martinez, CEO of Vengreso, argues that digital sales is more than just social selling, it's understanding where the customer is and meeting them there. Digital sales is a combination of all the tools sales reps have in their hands on. In this episode, Mario settles the debate on social selling and opens the listener's mind to new possibilities for selling in a digital world.

  84. Thumb 1500881027 artwork

    Next Era Selling: Key Strategies to Make Your Business Unstoppable w/Britton Manasco @Visible Impact

    In this emerging era of virtual selling, you can pursue strategies that previously would have been cost prohibitive. You can open up markets that would have proved elusive. You can run experiments that would have been expensive or difficult to run. All this is according to the best-selling book, Next Era Selling, co-authored by Britton Manasco. Britton visits the Playmaker podcast and discusses some of the key strategies outlined in his book that large organizations are executing on to move into the next era of selling.

  85. Thumb 1500533098 artwork

    The Truth About Social Selling w/Koka Sexton @Hootsuite

    We might have had a little fight, Koka and I. Fight might be too strong of a word, a gentleman's disagreement is probably a better term. I started the debate with a post poking the bear declaring that social selling was dead. I felt my argument had some merit. I debated that the word social selling is confusing and the data is lacking to prove the worth of social selling. Koka saw the article and wrote a strong rebuttal and made some strong points. Koka and I started to speak offline and we decided we'd continue the conversation on the #Playmaker podcast. Thankfully, Koka and I came to terms and realized we have more in common than we thought. It's all captured here, check it out.

  86. Thumb 1500275395 artwork

    Four Apps Sales Reps Would Be Stupid Not To Use w/Gabe Larsen

    I love being sold. The other day this kid knocks on my door and I swear he could have been 15 but that's beside the point. He starts going into his sales pitch and I have to admit, it was CLEAN. I stood there and simply smiled. He probably thought I was some weird guy just standing there with a big grin on my face while he went on about bug spray, but he never said anything. After a few minutes, I stopped him and said, "Look, I have no interest in your product my man but I'd love to film you doing your pitch." We both decided that was kind of an odd thing so we parted ways with a handshake and left it at that.

    I know, I didn't buy the product but I still loved what I heard. It's a great feeling to be sold and it's an even a better feeling to be sold and then have the product or service deliver on its promise. That doesn't happen very often so when it does, you better be happy. When it comes to sales productivity tools, the mantra often seems "over promise and under deliver." Sad, but the truth hurts. Thankfully, some tools are living up to the hype and each one of these have found their way into my daily routine. Since they are helpful to me, I thought they might be helpful to you. Check them out and see for yourself.

  87. Thumb 1499933663 artwork

    People, Process, and Technology: The Only Way to Build an Inside Sales Team w/Stanislaw Wasowicz @VONQ

    We all go through transitions in our lives and the same is true for businesses. Some business grow and some businesses shrink. Stan, Global Business Development Leader at VONQ, joined his company at the perfect time. A time when the business was ready to start thinking more strategically about building a proper inside sales team and Stan was the man for the job. Armed with the latest research and best practices from a myriad of thought leaders, Stand has begun a journey to figure out the best way to optimize an inside sales team by focusing on the three key levers of: People, Process, and Technology.

  88. Thumb 1499651523 artwork

    Unraveling the Sales Technology Stack w/Lauren Chacon @ConstantContact, Deron Frye @PGi, & Jeff Skousen @Domo

    Companies have made significant investments to date in tools and technologies to enable sales. Usually, the core of this investment is a CRM system deployed with high expectations of streamlined selling and new insights. Unfortunately, CRM systems are rarely fully utilized and often fall short of these expectations. What is needed beyond the CRM to help sales organizations unleash additional sales growth?

  89. Thumb 1499330723 artwork

    The No. 1 Best Seller: A Unique Insight into the Mind, Strategy and Processes of a Top Salesman w/Lee Bartlett @No.1BestSeller

    Some people talk and other people do and Lee Bartlett is a doer who is a proven entity when it comes to sales. Lee has eat and slept sales for years and now he's taken the time to dump all of his best stuff into his book The Number One Best Seller - a masterclass in professional selling. In this episode, we go rapid fire Q&A with Lee and ask him the toughest questions we could think of. Let us know what you think.

  90. Thumb 1499058768 artwork

    The One Thing Sales Reps Can Do To Make More Money Today w/Dianna Geairn & Shawn Sandy @TheSellOutShow

    There is a lot of talk about sales and a lot of that talk is just talk, it doesn't lead to action. Sales reps need advice that is actionable, repeatable, and ultimately they need advice that leads to success. That type of goodness is hard to come by these days so it's a breath of fresh air to hear people talking about what sales reps really need rather than what people think they need. Dianna Geairn & Shawn Sandy host of The SellOut Show, a show focused on boots-on-the-ground conversations with real people talking about real results. Dianna and Shawn joined the Playmaker podcast to talk about some of their learnings and must dos for sales reps to be successful.

  91. Thumb 1498719897 artwork

    How to Grow a Successful Field Sales Team w/Steve Benson @BadgerMapping

    What ever happened to field sales? Do companies still utilize it and is it still effective? The answer as always is, it depends. Field sales is a powerful go to market strategy but it is often misunderstood and can therefore lack organization and structure . In this episode, Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Mapping, discusses his expeirence as a field sales rep and some of the top challenges fields reps face when trying to reach their sales goals.

  92. Thumb 1498605321 artwork

    A Practical Way to Grow Your Business w/DovHirsch @ProspectCloud

    Every company does things differently and success can look different depending on where you are. One thing that stays constant is change and it's probably the thing that companies have the hardest time with. Change unfortunately is one of the fundamental principles of success and if companies can't get this right, they won't succeed. In this episode, Dov Hirsch, chief strategy officer talks about practical ways companies should be thinking about growing.

  93. Thumb 1498112888 artwork

    Selling to Zebras w/Jeff Koser @SellingToZebras

    It’s hard to believe, but most companies close only about 15 percent of their sales deals. This means that salespeople spend 85 percent of their time to no avail. What can they do? The answer lies in identifying zebras, prospects that are perfect fits for a salesperson’s deal — not just from a product or service basis but also in terms of corporate values. In this episode, author and CEO, Jeff Koser explains the ideas behind Selling to Zebras and how this concept can change businesses.

  94. Thumb 1497852333 artwork

    The Science of Sales Transformation w/KenKrogue

    Companies spend thousands of dollars on sales acceleration technology and many technology implementations fail. How is that possible? Organizations don't realize that the keys to success revolve around change management and the ability of an organization to create a structure where change can actually happen. In this episode, founder and president of, Ken Krogue, discusses the five steps to sales transformation.

  95. Thumb 1497573589 artwork

    The Number One Thing That Drives Results With Social w/Cameron Brain @EveryoneSocial

    Using social in selling can be a powerful tool to help sales reps sell more. But, like any tool, it's important to know how exactly to use this tool to make it as effective as possible. In this episode, Cameron Brian, Founder and CEO of Everyone Social, talks about what social selling is and what sales reps are doing to achieve optimal results.

  96. Thumb 1497230879 artwork

    How to Schedule Your Day And Other Sales Tips w/Michael Pedone

    Michael Pedone is a serial entrepreneur who has made a living doing exactly what he preaches. He's mastered the art and the science of selling but he says that sales reps often forget one of the most important parts of selling, time management and the keys to structuring a good day. I know it sounds simple but it sales reps can't manage their time appropriately, they've lost before they've started. In this episode, Michael gives us the keys to time management and discusses other tips sales reps need to master to be become successful.

  97. Thumb 1496910449 artwork

    How to Build A Customer Success Team w/Dave Blake @ClientSuccess

    We often talk about sales but we don't talk about customer success. Customer success is in an important trend and a vital part of any sales organization. In this episode, Dave Blake, founder and CEO of Client Success talks about the key elements of building a customer success team and how organizations can avoid the most common pitfalls.

  98. Thumb 1496644370 artwork

    The Art of Mind Boxing w/Harinder Singh @Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association

    Sales is not only about the closing a deal it's about how you handle the deal. In this episode, Harinder Singh, talks about Mind Boxing, a preparedness process that focuses on mentally preparing for a meeting. effectively executing a meeting, and following through after the meeting.

  99. Thumb 1496298325 artwork

    The Coffee Campaign: An Account-Based Sales Approach That Generated 450,000 in Sales Pipeline w/JoeyWood

    I don't care about account-based marketing, I care about account-based sales. The problem with account-based sales is it's an idea most people have heard about but nobody knows what to actually do. For this reason, effective account-based sales requires sales reps who consider themselves the CEO of their territory and own their number. This is how we do it at at If you have a good idea, let's get'er done and that's exactly what Joey Wood and Jack Ballash, two of's top sales reps, did. Rather than simply use LinkedIn or call their prospects, Joey and team brainstormed an account-based sales campaign that utilized a variety of communication methods to drive some big time results in a short amount of time.

  100. Thumb 1496122856 artwork

    Viral Content, Cold Calling, and Top Sales Trends w/DanielDisney @TheDailySales

    Daniel Disney is a master at his craft and has had thousands of views on his social media content. In addition, he runs the TheDailySales blog, a blog focused on great content and hilarious memes. In this episode, Daniel discusses his viral content, his opinion about cold calling, and what sales trends are never going away.

  101. Thumb 1495565989 artwork

    Is Social Selling Dead?

    Well, that got interesting. I wrote an article about Social Selling being dead and then Koka Sexton from Hootsuite, wrote a rebuttal, called Is Social Selling Dead. So, it was only natural that I wrote him back and this was my response. My argument is not that sales reps shouldn't use social tools but we need to be careful about how many activities people do. We want them to sell so let's keep the eye on the prize.

  102. Thumb 1495427755 artwork
  103. Thumb 1495088877 artwork

    How to Write & Publish Your First Book w/DonAslett @Varsity

    Look, haven't we all thought about writing a book at some point in our lives? I know I have. Well, today you're going to learn how exactly to do that. Don Aslett, co-founder of Varsity Cleaning and author of over 40 books including a book called, "How to Write and Publish Your First Book" gives us the secrets to becoming a well-known and accomplished author.

  104. Thumb 1494816389 artwork

    You Don't Know Your Win/Loss Ratio w/SpencerDent @Clozdinc

    One of the most important metrics sales leaders need is the reason why they either won or lost. Sadly, most leaders don't have that metric and never will. In this episode, Spencer Dent, Co-Founder of ClozdInc talks about how the importance of finding the true reason companies don't win deals and how successful companies can do it.

  105. Thumb 1494479453 artwork

    Deal Wins in the Final Hour: How End-of-Month Sales Strategies are Costing Millions w/Dave Elkington & w/Dr. Jim Oldroyd @BYU

    Across organizations, at the end of the month, quarter or year, heroes are made as unachievable quotas are reached by closing last-minute deals. How can these big, quota-saving wins be costing millions? We analyzed 9.8 million sales opportunities and will present what we found along with strategies the best companies are using to solve this problem.

  106. Thumb 1494224512 artwork

    Social Selling is Dead

    In 2015, PeopleLinx State of Social Selling report said 26% of respondents reported knowing how to do social selling. The answer is always "we need to train more" but that's a copout and you know it. 74% of people reported not knowing how to do social selling because it's too vague, it doesn't make sense, and it never will. Social Selling is dead.

  107. Thumb 1493880542 artwork

    Developing a Go-To-Market Strategy w/David Wallace @BayRidgeConsultingGroup

    Companies have to have a go-to-market strategy and a big part of that strategy is knowing who you are targeting and who you are not. Companies struggle to determine these important characteristics and then struggle to act accordingly by challenging and adding value to each and every customer interaction. In this episode, David Wallace from BayRidgeConsutlingGroup discusses optimal go-to-market strategies and how customers can start creating a successful one.

  108. Thumb 1493599768 artwork

    LinkedIn the Sandler Way w/Mike Montague @SandlerTraining

    Mike Montague is the Director of content marketing, at Sandler Training, one of the world's most renown sales training organizations. Over the years, Mike has perfected the art of social selling and he has put his best practices in a book called, "LinkedIn the Sandler Way." The book outlines not only how to optimize your LInkedIn profile but also explains how to start using LinkedIn to make money.

  109. Thumb 1493273530 artwork
  110. Thumb 1493015945 artwork
  111. Thumb 1492692195 artwork

    The Power of Vacation w/Marco Aguilar @PowerOfVacation

    Life gets busy and life gets hard but that doesn't mean we should skip out on vacations. Everybody needs a little R&R but when times get tough vacations are the first thing to go. In this episode, Marco Aguilar, CEO of the Power of Vacations talks about why Americans don't take vacations, the negative effects that has, and why sales people should prioritize time off.

  112. Thumb 1492225024 artwork

    How to Use Hand Written Notes & Gifts in Sales w/Demarr Zimmerman @SendOutCards

    "Your net worth is directly correlated with your network" says Demarr Zimmerman, a self-proclaimed keep in touch strategist. Demarr has spent the last thirteen years helping companies use hand written notes and gifts to get in contact with hard-to-reach prospects and grow relationships with customers. In this episode, Demarr discusses why keep in touch strategies are important and how sales people can begin to execute them.

  113. Thumb 1492154502 artwork

    How LinkedIn Sells with Data w/Brain Frank @LinkedIn

    How cool would it be to work at LinkedIn? Can you imagine the access to the data they have? LinkedIn is the most powerful social network on the planet and it's the best lead source there is for sales reps. In this episode, Brain Frank, head of global sales operations at LinkedIn shares some of LinkedIn secrets of how they sell using data.

  114. Thumb 1492057903 artwork

    Account-Based: Why Fish With Nets or Spears When You Can Fish With Dynamite?

    People keep telling me that an account-based strategy is not fishing with nets but it's fishing with spears and they say it with this weird smirk on their face like I'm supposed to understand that analogy. Fishing with nets and spears? I think I've seen some pictures from the Bible of people fishing with nets and I'm pretty sure I caught some spear fishing in the Disney movie Moana but besides that, I have no clue what they're talking about. My usual response to this odd analogy is, "why the hell would I fish with nets or spears when I could fish with dynamite?" In this episode, we break down what is account-based even mean and why you should start fishing with dynamite rather than spears.

  115. Thumb 1491797979 artwork

    The Science of Winning Sales Conversations w/Chris Orlob

    Every sales rep has conversations, but not every sales rep knows how to have conversations. In this episode, Chris Orlob, Director of Product Marketing at, explains what he discovered with his team analyzing over 250,000 sales conversations.

  116. Thumb 1491548948 artwork

    Why You Shouldn't Let Your Sales Reps Work Weekends

    Imagine with me for a minute, it's the end of your month or quarter and so you want to make sure you give it your all so you tell your sales team to come in Saturday and Sunday. Have you ever done that? I know I have but it is the right thing to do? In this episode, Gabe Larsen, Head of InsideSales Labs discusses research on the closing deals on the weekend compared to weekdays.

  117. Thumb 1491468573 artwork

    Best Physical Gifts to Send in An Account-Based Sales Strategy w/Braydan Young @Sendoso

    A cadence is a sequence of activities that increases contact and qualification rates. In the past there has been four key pillars of a cadence but in an account-based model if you're not using the 5th pillar you've in a bad place. Gifting or sending direct mailers is the 5th pillar and it's a key aspect to winning in an account-based model. In this episode, Braydan Young, co-founder of Sendoso, talks about the idea of gifting and what companies should be thinking about to run this play successfully in an account-based sales approach.

  118. Thumb 1491199887 artwork
  119. Thumb 1490940756 artwork

    Morning Mantra: The State of Artificial Intelligence

    Wow, there is a lot of hype around AI? Am I right or am I wrong? I'm afraid I'm right. But, there is good reason for it. In 2016, there were 40 acquisitions of companies working to advance artificial intelligence[1] and the AI market was worth $644 million[2]. In 2017, the market value of AI is expected to double and then grow exponentially until it reaches $38.6 billion less than ten years from now[3]. Inc. Magazine called 2017[4] the “year of AI” and most every major brand has begun fighting to enter the space. Consumer-driven companies like Google have led the charge with over 11 acquisitions in the AI category to date while business-driven companies like Salesforce, who joined the race late, have quickly begun catching up by acquiring two AI based companies in the last year[5]. AI is here to stay and it’s not just changing the market, it’s shaping the way we live and work.

    In this episode, Gabe Larsen, Director of InsideSales Labs discusses the research report called the State of AI. The report examines trends and perceptions of the US regarding this disruptive technology.

  120. Thumb 1490857435 artwork
  121. Thumb 1490604665 artwork

    Are You a Sales Concierge or a Sales Leader w/Brad Childress @TechCXO

    In sales you never really know if you're a leader or a follower. Often we want to please everyone which ends up pleasing no one. Yes isn't always the answer. In this episode, Brad Childress, sales expert, discusses how to move from being a sales concierge to a sales leader.

  122. Thumb 1490366948 artwork

    Morning Mantra: Four Off the Radar Tools You Must Use for Your Account-Based Marketing and Sales Strategies

    Let's talk tools for a minute. I'm not talking about the usual. I know you know those just like I do. I go to a lot of the same events you do and I hear the same message from the same vendor so let's skip the usual and go to something else. I want to talk about random tools. Ones you've never heard of. In fact, that's probably my goal, if by the end of this rant you say to yourself that you've not heard of at least of of these tools then I've done my job. Let's dive in.

  123. Thumb 1490261656 artwork

    Lessons From An Olympic Turnaround w/ Fraser Bullock former COO of the Winter Olympics

    Fraser Bullock is currently the Co-Founder of Sorenson Capital. Previous to founding Sorenson, Fraser was asked by Mitt Romney to be the COO of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in SLC. In this episode, Fraser talks about the challenge of overcoming a scandalous Olympic bid and a $400 million dollar deficit and how he and his team turned it into $100 million profit and one of the most successful Olympic games ever.

  124. Thumb 1489989674 artwork

    What You Need To Do To Sell Better Now w/Anthony Iannarino @The Sales Blog

    Most people sell features. A select few sell benefits but Anthony Iannarino teaches companies to sell something greater than that. People don't buy products, people buy people and until sales reps start prescribing to prospects what is required to win, they will never reach their full potential. In this episode, Anthony Iannarino, discusses the secrets of how to sell better starting now.

  125. Thumb 1489671413 artwork

    The Challenger Sale w/ Matt Dixon @Corportate Executive Board

    If you have not heard of the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), you're missing out. CEB is a fantastic research and best practice organization that has revolutionized the way way we think about sales and marketing. One of the leaders at CEB is Matt Dixon, the author of the Challenger Sale. Matt is responsible for authoring a book that has really changed the way people look at sales. In this episode, Matt explains some of his thought around the Challenger Sale - how the book came to be and what companies should should with the information.

  126. Thumb 1489410991 artwork

    The Secret to Winning in Sales with Artificial Intelligence

    Whatever you call it – predictive analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, – you need to be doing it or at least say you're doing it. I'm serious, if your product isn't powered by artificial intelligence then get it on the road map and do what everyone else is doing - sell it like you already have it. With recent announcements by large software companies that A.I. is the next big thing, we've officially crossed the metaphoric Geoffrey Moore chasm and A.I. is here to stay. The question is how do you win with A.I.? In this episode, Gabe Larsen, Director of Labs talks about the secrets to winning with A.I.

  127. Thumb 1489045289 artwork

    Three Reasons Sales People Write Practice Proposals w/Colleen Stanley @SalesLeadership, Inc.

    Proposals are an important part of the sales process but wasting time writing proposals for the wrong people or handing the process of proposal writing inappropriately, can cost sales people a lot of time. In this episode, author Colleen Stanley, talks about three key concepts sales people should focus on to make the proposal process a success.

  128. Thumb 1488768983 artwork
  129. Thumb 1488442782 artwork

    Detecting The Signal from the Noise w/ Justin Lindsey former CTO of the FBI

    Justin Lindsey is a signal finder. As he explains it, he did not start out that way. he started out as builder. His Dad was a ham radio guy and it’s just the way it was around our home. . . from home construction, to solder, to embedded controllers, to early PC building, to programing, even some early robotics. He just built things.

    This building led him to MIT where his building evolved to solving complex things simply, occasionally even elegantly. He spent the 90’s designing and building fast distributed systems and the companies that housed them. He gained fundamental skills in distributed high-speed computation on large data sets. Computational speed became a passion.

    Then the world changed on September 11. After which, he was asked to be the CTO for the FBI and my path shifted to applied analytics. What mattered was finding signals that could both explain what had or was happening and to predict what might happen. He began to believe that encoded in the large, diverse, and dynamic data sources of our world were traces of reality or signals that could be decoded or revealed through computing, quantitative methods, and directed efforts. These signals could tell him how to act. In many ways it felt as though they allowed him to speed through and learn from the past, slow down the present, and simultaneously consider many futures. Signal finding was a rush and thread of meaningful impact that defined him. He could see signals.

    His quest is to find signals and encapsulate them into operational analytic systems to dramatically increase the impact of analytics on the world.

  130. Thumb 1488174959 artwork
  131. Thumb 1487878125 artwork

    Time-Based Closing Strategies: The High Cost of Procrastination w/Dr. James Oldroyd @Brigham Young University

    One of the most common behaviors in sales is the period-ending push, in which reps are pressured to make extra efforts to reach quotas at the end of calendar cycles. Conventional wisdom dictates that the axiomatic jump in period-ending deal closures observed nearly universally is evidence of the effectiveness of these behaviors. Yet our analysis of over 151 anonymized companies and 9.8 million sales transactions demonstrates that this pattern may be costing the companies studied an estimated $98.02 million per year in missed revenue. This number represents a potential increase of 27.21% in revenue per company if properly addressed. Strategies executed at the end of calendar cycles often unnecessarily alienate potential clients with aggressive sales tactics and encourage sales reps to procrastinate activities or pull deals forward. These counterproductive and often unacknowledged practices can be overcome by behavioral coaching, sales skill enhancement, and improvements to pipeline management and forecast strategies.

  132. Thumb 1487665347 artwork

    Why Smart People Do Stupid Things: How Your End of Month Sales Strategy is Costing You Millions

    Malcolm Gladwell is the man. He runs a podcast called the The Revisionist History. His 3rd episode talks about why smart people do dumb things and we thought, in sales, smart people do dumb things. The InsideSales Labs team recently released a research report called, " Time-Based Closing Strategies: The High Cost of Procrastination." The report quantifies the age old debate of sales reps closing deals on the last day of the month. In this episode, we discuss why people do dumb things and introduce some of the findings of our research report.

  133. Thumb 1487219448 artwork

    Tackling the Enterprise Sale w/Leslie Venetz @Carpathia

    Every company wants to move up stream and catch bigger fish but not every company can. Selling to bigger companies requires a different strategy and mind-set than selling to small companies. In this episode, Leslie Venetz, VP of Sales at Carpathia talks about his experience of selling and winning in the enterprise.

  134. Thumb 1486952944 artwork

    The Harmony Theory: A Marketing and Sales Acceleration Formula w/Dan Murdoch @WorkMarket

    Antiquated systems, processes, data structures, and ideologies plague sales and marketing. If we do not optimize our sales and marketing technology stack to empower a formulaic approach that seamlessly manifests itself as clearly defined business results, we will not create sustainable and predictable growth for our organizations. In this episode, Dan Murdoch Director of Demand Generation, talks about the Harmony Theory and how sales and marketing can work together to drive success.

  135. Thumb 1486622511 artwork

    Social Selling Master Class w/Lindsey Boggs @Medallia

    Lindsey is a social selling guru. She a practitioner turned consultant because of the success she learned using social tools. Her mission is to now share her secrets and her best practices with the world. In this episode, Lindsey talks about her social selling master class and how she rose to the top mastering key social selling tips, tricks, and tactics.

  136. Thumb 1486358437 artwork

    Data-Driven Hiring: Why You Can't Hire and How You Can w/ Ross Rich @Selection Strategies

    Hiring is broken and if you're like most leaders you're not sure how to fix it. Great resumes, well-dressed candidates, and firm handshakes just don't cut it but what does? In this episode, Ross Rich, Managing Principal, Selection Strategies, Inc. shares with us the secrets of his life's work - discovering and using a data-driven approach to hiring sales superstars.

  137. Thumb 1486010332 artwork

    Sales and Marketing: Making the Odd Couple Fall in Love w/Gavin Harris @Salesfusion

    Sales and marketing have always been known as the odd couple but that doesn't mean it's okay. How can you bring two things together that often don't naturally go together? In this episode, Gavin Harris, VP of Sales of SalesFusion, breaks down the relationship of sales and marketing and discusses how these two functional areas can effectively work together to achieve success.

  138. Thumb 1485756207 artwork

    How CEOs Break Revenue Plateaus w/Aaron Ross

    This guy is the real deal. Aaron Ross made his fame and fortune at where he helped Salesforce scale to 100million dollars. For years his book, Predictable Revenue," was called the bible of "Silicon Valley" and it has helped many companies achieve top success. In this episode, Aaron shares with us some of the genius of his latest writings about how CEOs can break revenue plateaus.

  139. Thumb 1485415015 artwork

    Your Hiring Process is Broken: Lesson from the Movie MoneyBall

    When you think of the marketing cloud you think of full automation. Lead routing, lead scoring, lead research, lead nurturing. The list goes on and on. In the world of hiring it's different. There is little to no technology and the concept of predictive analytics is non-existent. It's not right but it is the way it is and it's time we recognize it and change it. In this episode, Gabe Larsen, the Director of InsideSales Labs discusses a data-driven approach to hiring using lessons from the movie MoneyBall.

  140. Thumb 1485145992 artwork

    Why You Can't Coach And How You Can w/Kevin Dorsey @SnackNation

    We all talk about coaching but not many organizations know how to do it and almost nobody knows how to scale it. Coaching is easy with five sales reps but with 50 or 100 reps, it becomes a different game. In this episode, VP of Sales Kevin Dorsey, gives a three stop process to scale an incredible coaching program. in your sales organization.

  141. Thumb 1484812198 artwork

    You Suck At Building Rapport: 3 Steps to Build Trust in Minutes

    Rapport is huge. It's the thing. Sales reps have to do it to sell a deal and they are often terrible at it. People know what rapport building is but they don't know how to do it. In this episode, Gabe Larsen, Director of InsideSales Labs walks through a three-step process to build trust in minutes.

  142. Thumb 1484542608 artwork

    2017 Top Trends w/ Elyse Archer @Southwestern Consulting

    Every year people guess what will happen the following year but this is different. In this episode, Elyse Archer Sales and Leadership Coach, goes deep into her experience to talk about top trends, tools, and wish list items for 2017.

  143. Thumb 1484211503 artwork

    What is the Number One Sales Movie? [Research]

    Not long ago, a few of us here at the office started debating what was the most popular sales related movie. Surprisingly, there was not a clear winner. I was shocked at some of the movies that people mentioned as I didn’t really considerer them a movie related to sales. After a lot of discussion we decided we'd finalize the debate with a research study. Why not ask a few hundred sales people what their favorite sales related movie was and once and for all see if we couldn’t settle the debate. So we did. We gathered a list of a handful of sales related movies and sent a survey out to a mix of sales positions. We had 433 people respond. The top three sales movies'll have to listen to find out.

  144. Thumb 1483967507 artwork
  145. Thumb 1483603032 artwork

    Unraveling the Sales Stack: What 600 Sales Leaders Say Are Must-Haves

    Every new year there are a lot of people who speak out about what technologies they think should be part of the an optimized sales stack. Most of the time those answers are clouded with companies pushing their own products or consultants pushing partner products where they know they will get part of the pie. Needless the say, the conversation get's confusing and it's mostly the end user who suffers. We thought we'd break through the fluff and go right to the source so in 2016 we asked 600 sales leaders across a variety of industries and company sizes, what technologies are needed most to win.

  146. Thumb 1483423832 artwork

    How to Master the Art of Selling w/ Author and Speaker Tom Hopkins

    If you've not heard of Tom Hopkins, you're probably not a great sales person. Tom wrote a revolutionary book in 80's called 'How to Master the Art of Selling'. Since then Tom has revised that book and written another book called 'When Buyers Say No'. In this episode, Tom talks briefly about the importance of communication skills and the proper steps to selling and how to serve your clients well. In addition, Tom talks about the word "No" and how it's a fork in the road if sales reps treat it right.

  147. Thumb 1482871452 artwork

    The Go-Giver Way w/Author and Speaker Bob Burg

    Bob Burg is the coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver and a much sought-after speaker at sales and leadership conferences. In this episode, Bob discusses his book the Go-Giver and talks about how companies both large and small are not only of much greater value to their customers; they are also significantly more functional, and profitable by using the Go-Giver method.

  148. Thumb 1482722714 artwork

    High Profit Selling w/Mark Hunter @TheSalesHunter

    Qualification is a lost art. Most people try to move too quickly to the presentation so they can talk about themselves and how great they are. In this episode, Mark Hunter, discusses keys to qualification and how reps can win if they qualify the right way.

  149. Thumb 1482387665 artwork

    Biggest Victories of 2016: Usain Bolt, Microsoft+LinkedIn, The Cubs, Trump, and InsideSales Labs

    2016 has come and gone and it's time to reflect on what actually happened. Here are some of the highlights: The Olympics were awesome, there were some crazy tech acquisitions, a couple of important sports spells were broken, and of course Donald Trump was elected president. But, that's not all. Some fun things happened with InsideSales Labs and we wanted to tell you about it.

  150. Thumb 1482128027 artwork

    Properly Preparing for 2017 w/Andy Paul @ZeroTimeSelling

    2016 has come and gone and managers and reps are preparing for 2017. The end of the year provides a time to reflect and review on what went well and what can be improved. In this episode, author, speaker, and strategist, Andy Paul, discusses 2017 and what reps and managers should do to make it a success.

  151. Thumb 1483603188 artwork

    What 623 Million Data Points Tell Us About What Decision Makers Actually Care About

    One of the fundamental questions in sales is, “What does my buyer want?” Surprisingly, very few sales people can answer that question correctly. Note, I said, “correctly.” Every sales person thinks they know what their buyer wants but not many reps actually do. In this episode, we review the latest research on what buyers actually want.

  152. Thumb 1481493669 artwork

    Top Five Things That Piss Off Inside Sales Managers The Most

    We've completed a study for the last the last three years in partnership with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. We ask managers and reps a series of questions to understand what's difficult about their job and what challenges they face. In this episode, we dive into the top challenges of manager and discuss the trends from 2015 to 2016.

  153. Thumb 1481174841 artwork
  154. Thumb 1480919937 artwork

    Why Coaching Is So Much Better Than Training w/Rob Jeppsen @XVoyant

    Training, coaching, skill building, on boarding . . .we hear about them but do we really know the difference and why they are so important? In this episode, founder of XVoyant, Rob Jeppsen, discusses what is coaching and how leaders can take steps to start coaching more effectively.

  155. Thumb 1480574562 artwork

    Top Five Things That Piss Off Inside Sales Reps The Most

    We've completed a study for the last the last three years in partnership with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. We ask leaders and reps a series of questions to understand what's difficult about their job and what challenges they face. In this episode, we dive into the top challenges of reps and discuss the trends from 2015 to 2016.

  156. Thumb 1480318644 artwork
  157. Thumb 1479689951 artwork
  158. Thumb 1479367531 artwork

    What Are Your Most Embarrassing Sales Moments? Here Are My Top Two

    In sales we all have those moments. Moments we can't forget for the rest of our lives and usually it's because those experiences were incredibly embarrassing. In this episode, we talk about our most embarrassing moments and some of the lessons learned.

  159. Thumb 1479102668 artwork

    Massive Misconceptions of Social Selling w/Jared Fuller @PandaDoc

    Everybody does social selling...or do they? Social selling is easy so you should do it...or should you? Social Selling is a buzzword but there are actually a lot of misconceptions about what it is, who it is for, and what it takes to really win. In this episode, Jared Fuller VP of Sales at PandaDoc, dives into the misconceptions of Social Selling and sets the record straight.

  160. Thumb 1478757757 artwork

    The One Statistic Every Leader Needs to Hang on Their Wall (Hint: It Involves Millennials)

    Great leaders can sense what is coming. They know when change is imminent and they usually have an idea on how to handle it. Not this time. If you sit down with a leader, you can see it in their face. They don't have the answer. The topic is Millennials, and the statistic is that Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce as 1 out of every 3 workers is a Millennial [Pew Research]. In this episode, Gabe discusses common issues how Millennials are changing the way we do business.

  161. Thumb 1478492126 artwork

    What Makes or Breaks A Great Coaching Program w/Tom Lavery @Jiminny

    Coaching is something that people talk about but rarely do. Why? Is it because it's hard? Is there no technology to support coaching activities? In this episode, Tom Lavery CEO of Jiminny, discusses why and how companies can start creating a culture of coaching.

  162. Thumb 1478124325 artwork

    A Day In The Life Of A Millennial Sales Rep: Why A.I. Is Causing A Sales Revolution

    The workforce is changing. According to a White House report, 33% of the current workforce is a millennial and in 4 years time, millennials will make up over 50% of the entire U.S. workforce. Millennials do things differently and they expect their work life to be like the rest of their life -- supported by technology and A.I. The problem is, it's not. Work is the one area where sales reps do not get much support from A.I. and that trend is changing. A.I. in enterprise sales is at a tipping point and it's a good thing because if you look at the day of a typical millennial sales rep, you'd be shocked at what happens. I know I was. In this episode, Steve and Gabe discuss the power of A.I. in the our personal lives and gap we're experiencing in our work life.

  163. Thumb 1477882053 artwork

    The State of Inside Sales in Brazil w/ Diego Wagner @Meettime

    Inside Sales is a model that is applicable in any market and any country. In this episode, Diego Wagner, CEO at Meettime discusses recent research regarding Inside Sales in Brazil and how his company is helping push this new model of sales in the emerging country of Brazil.

  164. Thumb 1477604548 artwork

    Data + Science = Sales Revolution w/Dave Elkington @InsideSales

    Enterprise AI has reached a tipping point with enterprise sales. Whatever you call it – machine learning, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing – this phenomenon is dominating our newsfeeds. In this episode, CEO of, Dave Elkington presents his thoughts A.I. and how it can effectively be used in the sales process.

  165. Thumb 1477281608 artwork
  166. Thumb 1476941191 artwork
  167. Thumb 1476300583 artwork

    Creating a Culture of Coaching by Using Call Recordings w/Steve Richard @ExecVision_io

    Game film is a integral part of any football team's activities. Oddly, in sales many don't use game film. With the ability to record calls in an easy-to-use interface companies can create a structure to have managers and reps coaching each other. In this episode, CRO of ExecVision Steve Richard, talks about how companies are creating coaching programs that actually work.

  168. Thumb 1476341183 artwork
  169. Thumb 1476127021 artwork

    How HubSpot Scaled Channel Sales to 40% of their New Business w/Peter Caputa @HubSpot

    Peter Caputa joined HubSpot as employee 15. After petitioning to start HubSpot's Agency Partner program, HubSpot's CEO reluctantly let him in 2009. Pete was responsible for the program and the team as recently as January 2016. The program is now responsible for 40% of HubSpot's new customers and cited as a major factor for leading HubSpot through a successful IPO and its accelerated growth rate since going public, not to mention the success of many marketing agencies and their clients.

  170. Thumb 1475294917 artwork
  171. Thumb 1475164098 artwork

    The Secret to Selling in the Enterprise: Navigating the Path to Power

    David Rudnitsky is enterprise sales. When you talk to him you can't help but think he has been doing enterprise sales his entire life. He eats, drinks, and sleeps it. David Rudnitsky coined a term called 'The Path to Power.' In this episode, Gabe and Steve discuss and debate the concept of the Path to Power and explain why companies should know about it and focus on navigating it correctly.

  172. Thumb 1474853267 artwork

    Owning the Sales Conversation w/Josh Harcus @TeamHuify

    Reps are not closing, what do you do? Most sales management teams don't realize they are not leaving their team out to dry. In this episode, Josh Harcus discusses how to support your team through a structured pipeline process and how to teach your reps to take control of the conversation and keep it.

  173. Thumb 1474571631 artwork

    Is the Break Up Email Dead?

    We've all prospected for a long time. We've tried different tips and tricks. Today we want to discuss the break up email. The email you send when you're ready to give up on a contact. What are best practices? What are good and bad examples? Tune and and find out.

  174. Thumb 1473958065 artwork

    Seven Cadence Templates To Double Your Contact Rates in 20 Days

    Cadence is a buzzword. What does it actually mean and more importantly how do you create a cadence that actually works. In this episode, Gabe Larsen, Director of InsideSales Labs, discusses the importance of a cadence, how to build a cadence, and what makes a great cadence.

  175. Thumb 1473648577 artwork
  176. Thumb 1473034041 artwork

    How Client Success Accelerates Sales w/Dean Robison @InsideSales, Dan Steinman @ Gainsight, Jim Steele @InsideSales

    Many people believe sales starts with prospecting and ends with the close of a sale. Great companies think differently. Customer success can be a key part of a holistic approach to obtaining and retaining great customers. In this session, our expert panel of Dean Robinson, Dan Steinman, and Jim Steele discuss the topic of how customer success can accelerate sales.

  177. Thumb 1473033886 artwork

    How to Build A High-Velocity Sales Machine w/Kevin Gaither @ ZipRecruiter

    People can 'talk the talk' but not many can't 'walk the walk'. ZipRecruiter represents a company that has been able to do both. Raising 63M in it's Series A funding, ZipRecruiter has quickly become a 'darling' in the tech space with it's ability to build a high-velocity machine. In this episode, Kevin Gaither, SVP of Sales, explains his three keys to building a killer company.

  178. Thumb 1472688151 artwork

    How To Do Account-Based Sales. . .NOT

    As a consultant, Gabe has the unique advantage of visiting different companies and seeing their sales motion. Every once and awhile, he visits a company and experiences something less than stellar. A few weeks back, Gabe visited a company who was in the middle of a transition to an account-based approach. Diving into the weeds, Gabe reviewed the process beginning to end and discusses and debates with Steve the lessons learned.

  179. Thumb 1472241595 artwork

    Top Three Trends in Inside Sales w/Bob Perkins @ AA-ISP

    If you're not experienced the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals or the AA_ISP, you'll need to take some time to check it out. The Association focuses on all things Inside Sales and the co-founder and chairman, Bob Perkins, joined us to talk about the three biggest trends he sees in the Inside Sales space.

  180. Thumb 1472146009 artwork

    How the World’s Top Tech Companies are Killing It with Sales Development w/Leaders from Apttus, Salesforce, Docusign, and Hubspot

    Sales development is one of the hottest sales trends of 2016. In order to capitalize on this movement, companies must understand from A to Z how to set up and optimize this important function. Ever wonder how the world's biggest tech companies run their sales development teams? In this episode Apttus, Salesforce, Docusign, and Hubspot leaders talk about how they've built their SDR teams.

  181. Thumb 1471830279 artwork

    Leverage Social Networks to Gain Access to Big Time Decision Makers w/Brynne Tillman @PeopleLinx

    You have a sales team and they are doing fine. You're hearing about social selling techniques and tools but you're not sure what do to or how to coach your people. You buy your team a license to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and nobody seems to be using it. Sound familiar? In this episode Brynne Tillman, social selling guru, talks about the five ways to actually get results social selling.

  182. Thumb 1471486672 artwork
  183. Thumb 1470794657 artwork

    Creating a Performance-Driven Culture w/Shea Stringert @AdRoll

    Ever wondered how to create a winning culture based on performance? In this Episode, Shea Stringert, Sr. Director Platform Sales at AdRoll, discusses how he's helped Adroll achieve successful growth by creating a capacity model for hiring, a culture based on performance not politics, and a structured training program to progress reps in their careers.

  184. Thumb 1470774180 artwork
  185. Thumb 1470624964 artwork

    How Salesforce Is Changing the Sales Conversation w/Tim Clarke

    Tim Clarke, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce., joins the Sales Acceleration experts to discuss how Salesforce is helping to drive the sales conversation. We're going to talk about Salesforces strategy and Tim's lessons learned to win at the top of the funnel with content and live events.

  186. Thumb 1470334290 artwork
  187. Thumb 1469998171 artwork
  188. Thumb 1469764646 artwork

    Five Social Selling KPIs Sales Leaders Should Focus On w/Brynne Tillman @PeopleLinx

    Understanding which LinkedIn activities are driving new business is a question that often plagues sales leaders. And, just like any other sales activity, you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so clarity on which KPIs are meaningful is where to begin. In this episode we review Brynne's webinar with as she dives into to making visibility into social selling happen.

  189. Thumb 1468813452 artwork

    Account-Based Everything w/Patrick Schneidau @PROS

    Account-Based Everything is the talk but how do you actually do it? In this episode Patrick Scheidau talks about lessons learns as CMO of PROS as they've practiced an account-based approach.

  190. Thumb 1468819013 artwork

    How to Integrate Social Selling into Your Traditional Sales Process w/Gabe Villamizar @HireVue

    Social selling can be misleading. Reps can't just social sell. The best reps have learned to infuse social selling into their day-to-day sales process. In this episode, Gabe Villamizar talks about how he's coached hundreds of companies to use traditional as well as new age social tactics to find, engage, and close more deals.

    The Current State of Social Selling Social Selling Optimization How to find and listen to your buyers How to engage with your buyers What is the best way to move a deal forward when social selling Which social selling KPIs are crucial and how to measure/track them Top social selling tools/apps/softwares.

  191. Thumb 1468206699 artwork

    Time Management Secrets of Billionaires w/Amanda Holmes @Chet Holmes International

    Are you working harder or smarter? Are you reactive or proactive? Sales reps waste a lot of time doing random tasks. Sales reps attempt to manage their time but become overwhelmed by long lists and outside distractions. A lot of companies sign their reps up for time management courses only to have great habits disappear. In this episode, Amanda Holmes, CEO of Chet Holmes International, talks about the book "The Ultimate Sales Machine" and dives deep into time management techniques to boost sales productivity immediately.

  192. Thumb 1467698732 artwork
  193. Thumb 1467004226 artwork

    The Five-Billion Dollar Playbook w/David Rudnitsky

    David Rudnitsky, SVP of Enterprise Sales at, discusses the principles he's learned over his sales career to close large enterprise deals. Dave's methodology has been honed over the years and was featured in Marc Benioff's book, Behind the Cloud, to describe how was able to achieve unparalleled success in the enterprise space.

  194. Thumb 1466208415 artwork

    Five Secrets to Closing Seven Figure Deals

    The latest research suggests deal sizes have grown more than 5.5 percent, meaning companies are moving upstream and chasing bigger deals. In this new sales environment, applying the same tactics you used before won’t produce success. A different approach, a different process and different systems are all required to hunt whales. After more than 200 sales consultations, Gabe has discovered five secrets to closing bigger deals.

  195. Thumb 1465536406 artwork

    Lessons Learned from Scaling a 100 Person Sales Development Team at Apttus w/ Kent Venook

    Apttus provides quote to cash solutions on the Apttus intelligence cloud. Since it's inception in 2006 Apttus has experienced rapid growth and was valued in 2016 at over one-billion dollars. Bootstrapping in the early days the company started with one and grew to 100 sales development reps in 18 months. Kent Venook, Director of Global Sales Development discusses his six lessons learned from accomplishing this amazing task.

  196. Thumb 1465021352 artwork

    What's All This Talk About Account-Based Sales

    There is a lot of buzz in the Sales Acceleration space about Account-Based Sales. In this episode we breakdown why people are even talking about it, what it really means, and who this strategy is right for.

  197. Thumb 1465021873 artwork

    Kicking Off the Sales Acceleration Show

    There are a lot of buzzwords in the sales acceleration space: big data, gamification, social selling, etc. Although we may use these terms not everybody understands what we are referring to. In this episode, we define what Sales Acceleration means and discuss important topics that will be addressed on this show around the areas of Demand Generation, Sales, and Sales Operations.

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